about me

There’s nothing that’s remarkable

I’m just an ordinary girl

with lots of ordinary things to say

Enthralled with life encircling me

breathless at the mystery

and beauty in an ordinary day

I’ve been writing since I was very young… mostly about the ordinary stuff of life.  I’m finally going to put some of it down in one place.  If any of my thoughts resonate with you, I hope you’ll share yours with me.


5 responses

18 06 2010
Larry French

I’ve pretty much done the same. Like you, I too finally decided to start putting it all down instead of in notebooks and journals.

5 04 2011
Judy Ireland

Cathy, met you at the CS Lewis talk in Carmel. I live down the street from you. I am looking for a link to hear some of your music. I have your Christmas letter here w/the music for I Sing Hallelujahs. I don’t play anything, so can’t tell how this song goes. If I could hear some of your work, I could possibly take this to our contemporary service director and see if we could use it there. Hope you are well. My 1st visit toyour site and have not seen Tomas’ work yet. Peace, Judy I.

6 04 2011

Great to hear from you Judy! We live so far away from each other!! 🙂 My music is on a media player on our Halcyon Arts blog. http://halcyonarts.com/ Click on “Draw Near Album”, scroll down, and there you have it! Unfortunately, the song in our Christmas card isn’t on our CD. Hopefully, we’ll have a youtube video for that by summer. I am busy making chord charts for the songs on the CD which will be available on the Halcyon Arts blog soon. As I said, great to re-connect with you. And now that the weather’s getting better, maybe we’ll see each other in person soon! Blessings– cathy

5 09 2015
Kevin J. Hotter

I’m pretty sure you are not ordinary. Far from it. 😎

5 09 2015

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Kevin. Honestly, though, we are each extraordinary! Every single one of us. That means we’re all ordinary!;-) Also, while I strive to do/be the best I can, I don’t push myself above others. Ordinary is beautiful, and freeing, and simple, and excellent!

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