Don’t give it away

20 01 2017


Don’t give it away

This weekend a president becomes a former POTUS, and a president-elect takes office. Very few Americans have an ambivalent opinion about the change. Hysteria reigns on both sides.

There is, however, a massive group of people who won’t be affected by this changing-of-the-guard, even if people in it have strong feelings. These are America’s ordinary folks.

None of them runs in the circles that control much of anything in their lives. They can work hard, but nothing changes much, not really. They hold strong opinions, yet have few opportunities for their voices to be heard in ways that make a difference. It’s not that they don’t care—they care deeply—it’s just that the influence they have is less than the microbe on the mite on the flea on the feather… where the green grass grows.

You may be in this group, in fact, statistically, there is an incredibly high chance you are. Whether it’s the Illuminati, the Bilderberg Group, or the World Economic Forum, you can hope, wait, and plan, but your golden ticket is never going to arrive. Upward mobility is a myth; the Inauguration will come and go; and very little will change in your, and my, life.

Blame destiny, and put your hands up, and throw in the towel. The round is over; nothing to see here.

A good-sized bunch of ordinary folks live this way.

But some don’t.

Some know this is the way it works, but their towels are firmly tied around their waists. They would sooner give away their American dream than their influence and power. A hand reaches through burning ire to welcome a cousin to the table, and both attend to the scalded flesh so it will heal. A word crosses lines landing like a grenade, but ten are returned covering the crater with spring growth– beauty for ashes.

The real secret is that secret societies actually control very little in most of our lives. Attitudes have more power than national elections; kindness outshines all prestige; and charity’s fortune surpasses the greatest net worth.

The former and new president have no power over me. Unless I give it away, unless I abdicate; unless we devolve into a complaining mass of Jell-O that blames and justifies our inaction and unwillingness to initiate and to do what’s right in a thousand little interactions.

Nobody has that kind of power over us. Just ask Corrie ten Boom, Martin Luther King Jr., Dietrich Bonhoeffer, or Nelson Mandela.

Who the president is doesn’t matter.

Don’t give it away.

Do justice.

Love mercy.

Walk humbly with our God.

There is no power or law that can come against these, or the greatest, which is…





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