Windows wide open

13 05 2010

Spring came early this year with brilliant sunshine and temps that infused my achy bones with radiant heat.  Flowers burst into bloom; I moved my office outside and threw our windows wide open.

But on the way to summer, nature turned back into winter like Lot’s wife and got stuck looking in the wrong direction.  Temperatures slipped as the sun went into hiding; I closed the windows and turned the furnace back on.

This morning I’ve been at working with my desk light and several layers on- my winter modus operandi against the cold, dark, and damp.  After finishing up a contract, I opened the front door and stepped outside to take the outgoing mail to our box.  Windy warmth encircled me, making my hair swirl around my face in a mini tornado.  The sun even threw a couple of rays across the grass.

Back inside I laughed.  All morning I’d been shivering with windows closed and the thermostat set for 68, assuming the weather hadn’t changed.

Now every window is wide open.




3 responses

13 05 2010

I think that I know how you feel. My wife and I rearranged my office so that my desk now sits facing the window. The outside view from the second floor gives a panoramic view of the entire backyard and all of the natural wonder out there stretching out into the freshwater wetland. It’s quite a wonderful view, I can’t imagine it took me so long to realize how nice it was.
My only regret is that Spring seemed to come and go so quickly this year where we live. Almost overnight, it was cool and pleasant, then changed back to the humid ever growing hotter days of Summer. Like your post though, it was at least memorable in how nice it was. It is such a nice time to notice everything outside. Thank you for your writing.

13 05 2010

Your description is wondrous! I live in suburbia– you can take the girl out of the woods, but you can’t… well, you know. Thanks for reading and commenting. I enjoyed your blog as well. Let me know know you’ve posted again. Blessings– c

14 05 2010
Larry French

Thank you. Why yes, I have submitted some posts. Let me know if you’re to visit my blog too.

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