29 03 2010
You are Creator and the Word
The One who spoke and the Speaking
Speaking life out of nothing
Giving chaos meaning
You said, and it was so
Morning and evening

You are the Voice and the Way
The Narrow Road and the Whisper
Whispering which way to go
Hearing cries to deliver
The Way and Only Truth
Small Gate and Life-Giver

You are the Cloud and the Fire
Shekinah Glory and the Burning
Burning up soaked wood and stone
Igniting, overturning
Behind and Before
Thirsting and soul-yearning

You are the First and the Last
The Final End and Beginning
Beginning all things new again
Glory never dimming
The Root and Branch of Jesse
Victorious and winning

You are the Lion and the Lamb
Perfect love and Agonizing
Agonizing cruel cross
Conquered death by sacrificing
Fully God and Fully Man
The Crucified and Hope-Rising

(c) 2010 Catherine Howie

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