War & Near

25 12 2009

Seeing pastoral nativity scenes every December fills me with a warm Christmas glow and almost lulls me into a sentimental stupor in which I conveniently forget what really happened the night Jesus was born.  What took place in the spiritual realm when God was born as a human baby reads more like the plot of a sci-fi fantasy-thriller than a nostalgic Christmas card:  A red dragon pursued a woman giving birth while his dragon-army fought Michael’s angels in heaven.  The dragon, not able to overpower Good, was hurled to the earth where he chased the woman and her Child.  Then, frustrated that the pair escaped, he turned on the rest of her offspring—“those who hold to the teachings of Jesus”.   His demise, foretold long ago, was accomplished by the Baby who crushed his head, but not before the serpent struck the baby’s heel.

So much for syrupy “Baby Jesus, meek and mild” Christmas stories—this is war!!

Easter is the ultimate triumph, but not the incredibly amazing part of the story.  At least, not to me.  If Jesus really is God, what is so surprising about Him rising from the dead??  I would expect God to be able to do that.  The part that devastates me is that He would set aside all his glory, privilege, and power to become a helpless, finite human baby; that He, the Creator of the world, would so completely reduce Himself to pursue me.

As He entered the world, the time-space continuum and all other realities couldn’t help it; they erupted in strange behaviors.  A supernaturally bright light burned in the sky; prophecies converged in fulfillments; heaven was ripped open; angels spoke to shepherds; and then all was quiet.  But everything was different.

The curse was broken; the dragon defeated.  Hope became tangible.  Our slavery-yoke of sin… shattered.  Light put out darkness.  God was approachable.  And people were drawn to Him.

He came to us so that we could come to Him.  And although He ascended to the Father, He still promises to draw near to us if we draw near to Him.  The book of Job contains a concept of what that looks like: Leviathan, the great creature of the deep, is covered with scales so near one another that no water or air can come between them.  They are so close that the two most pervasive materials on earth cannot sneak in.

The red dragon is still at war with us, but his Vanquisher is our Champion:  Immanuel.

The snowflake kaleidoscope is made from a paper cutting of a dragon crafted in Hong Kong. It represents both the red dragon and the scales of Leviathan—a reminder that with Jesus’ birth, the dragon is defeated, and that we can be so near to Him nothing can come between us. Luke 2:8-18; Matthew 2:9-11; Revelation 12; Genesis 3:15; James 4:8; Job 41:15-17; Isaiah 9:1-4




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15 01 2010

Hi Cathy,

If you got the first message, then you can ignore this one. Just wanted to say that I enjoyed meeting you as well at the Meetup on Tuesday. Also, you take awesome pictures and I enjoy your writing. The article on Flying resonated with me a little more than War and Peace. I hope to see you again at future meetups. I will try to keep up with your blogs b/c your “perspective” is unique and interesting!

15 01 2010

Thanks Ursula! I’m glad you enjoyed some of these thoughts. After meeting you, I can see why you’d relate to “Flying” more than “War and Near”. I suggested you take a look at “War and Near” because of the thoughts I shared at the pub– which weren’t as organized and clear as the post I wrote. I’d like to get to know you better at the meetups, too, and hear more of your journey. Blessings! –c

29 01 2010
Matt Bryant

Wow…..yeah I like that picture of the manager scene. The war picture. In my personal manager scene we bought all the manager parts and actually added a Dragon to the scene itself. It’s pretty cool. I get to explain to people the real battle that is going on in our lives when they see it. It’s fun and it adds to the my manager scene. I was inspired by John Eldridge to put this up in my manager scene. Hope you are doing well! God Bless!

21 12 2013
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[…] above post is from my ordinarygirl blog. It continues to challenge me and is appropriate for us as worship […]

21 12 2013
WAR! | worship devo

[…] above post is from my ordinarygirl blog. It continues to challenge me and is appropriate for us as worship […]

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