Invisible Fur

6 07 2009

Violet Mandy

A couple of weeks ago, the two cutest dogs in the entire world were here.  Two long-haired furry (but very loving) beasts +  hot temps = dog fur shed everywhere.  Each time I vacuumed I found a small (lifeless) puppy in our bagless vacuum!

Before people guests came to visit this past weekend, I didn’t have time to vacuum again, so I bent over– down-up, down-up– all over the house, picking the black tufts from our light-colored carpeting.  Several days with our company went by, and all was well until the video-playing guests moved from the couch to the floor after I was in bed one night.

The next morning when I walked into the living room to open the curtains I was a bit confused.  There were fur clumps scattered on the floor again.  Since the dogs hadn’t been in the house and I don’t believe in spontaneous generation I used my highly-developed powers of deduction (I’m a mom!) and figured that all the moving around on the living room floor during the video game the night before must have consolidated a light, coating of un-vacuumed dog fur into tufts.  The guys’ movements forced the previously invisible fur into view.

Fur floor

Picking up tufts by hand + vacuuming the same floor = twice as much work as it would have been to vacuum the floor in the first place!  That’s why I don’t usually take shortcuts.




One response

3 08 2009

Hi Cathy! That is so cute…I can relate…a pooch of my own and fur everywhere to show for it!! 🙂 Oh well, she loves us more than I could ever imagine, so it’s worth it! I kept reading your blog and it was inspiring. Just this morning I was reading in 1John that we were not made for this world and it’s no wonder you don’t feel at “home” here (except with family of course!). We weren’t made for here and our souls long for our heavenly home…I’m waiting with you! Not so patiently sometimes either! Have a blessed day!

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