Happy Apple Birthday

19 06 2009

This morning after sleeping in on a luxurious day off, I had a late Birthday Breakfast.  Nothing special—two rice cakes with unsweetened peanut butter and an apple.  But in that ordinariness a blessing was waiting!

Several days ago I left a note for our son to buy milk, eggs, and a bag of apples at Aldi on his way home from work.  He did, but I’ve been so busy with work (early mornings/late nights) I hadn’t been in the fridge to see if he had remembered.  This morning as I began gathering my breakfast, I noticed the five gallons of milk and three dozen eggs.  The bag of apples was also where it should be, in the fruit drawer, and I retrieved it and set it on the counter.


As I turned to get a plate, the label caught my eye:  Chazy Orchards.  “NO WAY!” I laughed out loud!  ‘The largest MacIntosh Orchards in the World’ were just a few miles from our previous home in West Chazy, New York.  My imagination walked back to our home there, and I smiled.  Not a clear-across-my-face grin, but a wistful nod.  Troubles and heartache have continued to bombard us since moving to Indiana several years ago.  Thoughts of home in West Chazy during a simpler time surrounded me—like an ample cloak, heavy with familiar comfort.  Yet as I remembered more realistically, I realized that even after 16 years, it still hadn’t really been home.

So I asked myself where home is for me.  Working backward through the places I’ve lived, I came up empty.  Both my family growing up, and now my married family, have moved into towns and cities and not been able to become a part of the “home town” circle.  My roots go down quickly and deeply, but they have always been stunted by the clay of long-established associations.  There are places, however, which have seemed more like home than others—and it’s always been because family was nearby.

For me home=family, whether or not I have felt included in the lives of others around me.  The sadness that no place feels like home is an emotional cord that grows stronger with each heartache, tying me with growing longing to my True Home and Forever Family.  That is my home where I belong—truly belong.  That is where real family lives and loves.  That is where every good and perfect gift originates… like a bag of Chazy Orchards apples!




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21 06 2009

Thanks to those of you who read my blog. Just so you know, NO ONE has made me feel left out of “long-established associations”. In fact there are lots of PEOPLE who go out of their way to be inclusive. My point is more about not having had the TIME in one place that gives a different dynamic to relationships. Years of shared experience can only develop over time.

I’ve lived in at least 10 houses in 6 cities/towns. My gypsy transience has been a good thing in that I have met lots of great people. But my heart longs for established permanence. I beginning to see that it’s an inherent desire I was born with that nothing on earth can satisfy.

What do YOU think? I’d really like to know. Really.

21 06 2009
Kim Damon

No homeland on earth for me either…
As the child of a Navy man my early childhood was spent divided between the east and west coast. At 10 when my parents were divorced they each took an opposite coast to search for a home, so I went back and forth and up and down.

Finally on my own at 16 I moved from Idaho, to Washington, then to Alaska and on to Las Vegas (in less than 2 years). Just before my 18th birthday I moved to New York and met my future husband. We lived together in his hometown for the first few years of our marriage and I grieved the thought of leaving this new found stability of his family wrapped around us.

The Lord had guided me all through my previous travels and was pushing me on to continue in His will. I learned that all I feared of this mysterious place called Potsdam was unfounded and other challenges instead would confront me but none to compare with the blessings on the other side of the scale.

This place was our home, we would raise our family here, but after 7 years, the Lord asked me to move again. This time, no fear, only peace. I knew it was His will because of the peace He had given me. On to South Carolina for a year and then to Pennsylvania, and back “home” to Potsdam.

The truth is in all these travels I saw God move me and keep me in His will and I learned that the only home I had know was the peace and comfort that exists only in His presence and in His will. This is not my home.

Last week something exciting happened and I wanted to call a friend to tell them. At first I was sad and felt as if I have no friends, then a smile came across my face and I realized how reliant I was on my true friend. I’ve been asked to change churches, move away, all is temporary all is transient, Heaven is home!

Come Lord Jesus, come! I used to ask Jesus to return and then say: “But save this one first, oh, and that one first” “Do you love me more than these?”, Jesus asked… Now I can say with out reservation: “Come!” We are all given ample chance, “Come!” I love and intercede for others, but He is my love, my home, my closest friend, “Come Lord Jesus, Come!”

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